Our point of view

Extra-virgin olive oil everyone knows what it is, but nobody really knows it.

 The market has been focused on “cold” mechanical extraction rather than on its organoleptic qualities, its chemical characteristics, its wholesomeness and its indispensable presence on the tables of all those who care for each other.  All God’s gifts, however, that alone is not enough to define a “perfect” oil.

Traders tend to neglect to talk about the unique characteristics that distinguish a perfect oil from a commercial one.

It is easy to take oils produced in various Mediterranean countries, skillfully selected by oleologists (so called blenders, who make up the typical mixtures of every great brand and are always the same over the years for flavor and chemical characteristics).

This implies sacrificing its best qualities to make it a basic, homologated product, whereas the “perfect” oil by its nature cannot be manipulated by the rationale of mass production without losing its essence, its uniqueness.

Olive trees are unique, each olive tree is unique as we are unique human beings. We produce different oils depending on its lineage, its age, the care and the qualities of the land where it grows and nourishes, and still, depending on the seasons it has lived, how its branches are cured, how its fruit is harvested, how it is processed, how it is stored and, finally, transported to your table.

It is not an industrial process, it is something similar to alchemy, which inextricably links every plant to the person who cares for it.  The perfect oil is like the perfect companion, it is the one you love, you respect, you look after, you care for, of which you are proud and to which you are grateful. 

Every year repeats itself, never the same as before, every day we go to the lock, we listen to the plants, we read the signs, we do what we owe to do.   We pay attention to each and every detail, the water, the fertilizer, the care, whatever is needed, nothing more, nothing less.

Fatigue, sweat, heat, cold, dawns are constant and ancient satisfactions;

Perhaps now we have managed to make you understand what “perfect” oil is for us and why it will never be an anonymous industrial product.

In this globalized world, we strongly believe that there is room for small and very small artisan productions of excellence, which stand out from the rest for their uniqueness.

We have chosen this path.

Cultivating our olive trees with biological systems that respect the natural balance.

Collecting the olives by hand, as soon as they are ripe, to preserve the best nutritive qualities and flavour even if at the expense of quantity.

Working them on the same day in a mill with a ten-year history, which uses simple processing methods, without chemicals and at room temperature.  Using all the time necessary to obtain an untouched and naturally rich oil.

Storing the oil in small steel containers and then bottling it in dark glass.

Sending it carefullly to arrive intact and quickly, from the cellar of our house in the Tuscan hills, directly to your home, without intermediaries, delays and unnecessary costs.

It is not for everyone nor it is for a lot of people, it is not much and we want it to come only to those who understand its value.

We apologize if the production runs out soon and maybe, this year, we have not been able to send you our oil, we ask you to be patient and perhaps book next year in advance.