How we do it

We are a small, family-run farm, located in the heart of Tuscan Hills between Pisa and Florence.

Our output, being very limited, allows us to take care of every stage of production in a traditional way until you get a HEALTHY oil that is beneficial for health.

Our olive trees are grown biologically, without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and anticryptogamics . We do this by adopting biological and agronomic strategies that enrich the land where our olive trees thrive.  Fertilizers must feed the microbiological flora of the soil rather than the plants directly.

Maximum care is taken in the harvest, which takes place during the month of October.   That when the fruits are at their highest quality so that all the nutritional elements remain intact until crushing.

This allowed us to have an IGP certification (Protected Geographical Indication)

For that we have selected a single authorized IGP mill, where the olives arrive within 4 hours from the hand-picked harvest, and where the cold pressing and the following stages are carried out with the utmost care to reach the finished product with most intact nutraceutical values.